Rumba Time is a New York Designer brand, founded in 2009, provides consumers with jewelry and watches that are rich in New York style and character.

It was inspired by the passion of life, the adventures of the brand founders Drew Deters and Jay Hartington, and the touch of fashion.

To date, Rumba Time has more than 20 collections, the most famous of which include Lafayette, Orchard Gem, Santa Monica and many more.




Introduced in 2017, the Lafayette series is designed with a small surface of 34mm.

You can also change the strap as you like, so that a watch can be paired with different styles.

Using natural and irregular mother-of-pearl, the dial texture of each watch is different.

In addition, the designer lights up the entire design with crystals at six, nine, and twelve.


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RumbaTime Signature's Orchard Gem gemstone cut surface style,

The uneven surface will shine with different glamours with different light.

The new Venice Gem launched in 2018, in addition to the gem surface,

The bolder launch of the 23mm surface is the smallest surface diameter ever seen in the RumbaTime.






Inspired by the Santa Monica Collection design

Santa Monica Beach, California.

Compared to the rapid pace of New York,

Santa Monica Beach is full of freehand and casual.

Solid angled cut surface with inlaid crystal dial

The design is noble and elegant, dazzling and dazzling, highlighting personal temperament.

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RumbaTime has been widely reported in major magazines, appeared in New York Fashion Week, and also boarded Cosmopolitan.

Trend magazines such as Elle, Bazaar, Vogue, Glamour.

Because of its unique design, it is also favored by many Hollywood stars and bloggers.

Each collection is crafted for the customer, and strives to be unique and modern.

It introduces a variety of designs and colors every season, and the future inherits the concept of pursuing fashion and excellence for customers.