Rose Quartz Facial Roller

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Rose Quartz Facial Rollers have a long list of beauty benefits!
This beautiful gemstone roller is used as a gentle way to massage tension and relieve stress from our facial area, help in reducing fine lines, assist with better circulation, and help massage in facial products or essential oils. They are a must have for all beauty gurus!


1. Only use your jade roller on clean skin.
2. Apply moisturizer, serum to your face and neck.
3. Make sure you are rolling from the centre, out.
4. When you need to return the roller to starting point, pick it up and place it back at the start.
5. From your chest, move up: neck, chin, cheeks, undereye, eyelid(use the small end of the roller), eyebrow, forehead.
6. Use the roller for 5-10 minutes everyday.
7. Clean the roller with warm, soapy water.